Experience the sauna with a  plant and honey alchemy. 

Free yourself from today and yesterday's tensions. 

Relaxing, rejuvenating and anti-cellulite treatment in the bania's heat and aromas. 


One session includes the bania's preparation (heating, aromas, towel, drink), all-kind-of-wood branches maceration in boiling water and the preparation of the salt, honey and herbs scrub. 


  • Body warm up and relaxing time, salt and herbs scrub to stimulate sweat.
  • Shower to get rid of the first sweat drops
  • Dry branches' friction
  • Contrasted shower
  • Last relaxing branches' friction, honey and cinnamon scrub, intense sweat and detoxification (double effect on the skin : body cleanse benefit from the inside and elasticity stimulation from the outside)
  • Contrasted shower or cold water Siberian bucket 

The treatment varies depending on its length

  • 1 Altai herbal tea in our salon to rehydrate

 This treatment can be for one, two (couple or friends) or three persons.

or by phone

0033 7 67 61 91 38


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